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At Milton Keynes Christian Foundation we are extremely grateful to the amazing organisations that partner with us in a wide variety of ways to enable us to continue our work.

We are often overwhelmed by the generosity of companies and their staff as they engage with the young people we work with and learn more about the social enterprises we run.

We wanted to thank and acknowledge this philanthropic and heart-warming support and share some of the ways it has made a massive difference to the development of our enterprises and ability to ensure our trainees have the best possible experience and training with us.

Below you can click on each of the company logos and read a bit about the ways we are working together to grow people and community through social enterprise.

The Milton Keynes Community Foundation have been supporting the Urban Bee-lievers social enterprise during 2019/20. Their support has enabled them to grow and develop through the employment of a part-time seasonal bee keeper.

Steve is an experienced bee keeper from Bletchley who has brought a wealth of experience to the project, including knowledge of how to create useful and beautiful items from by-products of the hive. Steve has also been leading the development of the apiary in Wolverton, building new hive stands, working with a team to get storage and a workshop constructed and helping to ensure the bees are healthy and well. Steve has been teaching the young people we work with to make bee hive frames and sharing his knowledge and passion for honey bees.

We are so grateful to the Milton Keynes Community Foundation for investing in the Urban Bee-lievers social enterprise and enabling us to employ Steve and move the enterprise to the next level.

The Lloyds Bank Foundation has been supporting the Milton Keynes Christian Foundation by providing financial support for two of our social enterprises and also additional support and advice through their innovative and hugely valuable Enhance programme.

At the end of 2018 The Lloyds Bank Foundation started to support Sew & Grow and Urban Bee-lievers through a three year grant. The first year’s grant provided much needed resources and equipment in addition to contributing towards staff salaries. It allowed the purchase of equipment to create, test and produce quality products, securing ongoing business development and income.

Sew and Grow were able to buy new more robust sewing machines that enabled the young people working on the enterprise to learn to sew using reliable machines, gaining confidence in their skills and producing goods for sale. Urban Bee-lievers were able to invest in new bee hive equipment for the apiary, developing the apiary site and for honey extraction.

By the end of the first year, among other things, Sew and Grow had developed a range of reusable period pads made from naturally dyed and hand crafted material. Urban Bee-livers had developed a selection of bees wax lip balms, seed shapes and totally redesigned the apiary site, including the construction of a workshop, providing a practical space to make bee hive equipment and to run bee related courses.

We are incredibly grateful for the support, help and advice from the Lloyds Bank Foundation. Their funding, advice and encouragement has been amazing as we strive to promote understanding of the environmental issues at the heart of our social enterprises, support young people struggling with education and make our activities more sustainable.


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